Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy First Birthday Kells!

Happiest little guy!
Yay presents! He knew something good was inside :)
So glad that a year ago Kells joined our family!

  He loved the balloons!

Guacamole face! Suddenly he has the appetite of a toddler.

 Andrea made him a delicious chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, he ate it with a fork!

Skype b-day party
Grandma Weston has a cool tradition to give the grand kids rocking chairs for their first birthdays.

Kells and Matt assembled his rocking chair. Kells loves tools, especially drills, he even tires out a couple drill sound effects - so cute!

Taking the new rocking chair for a test drive.

Instant swagger!

Birthday Boy


  1. A perfect first birthday! Thank you for posting pics! I love the family shot!

  2. Oh thank you! This blog made my day. I love love love the pics. Beautiful family. Love you all so much!