Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kells First Steps!

VIDEO: Kells takes his first steps!!

VIDEO: Daddy's Boy!

VIDEO: Walking around

VIDEO: Can't get enough baby hugs!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Adventures

VIDEO: spinning

VIDEO: Kells and I hanging out and watching Funny Face

 drinking and driving

We went on a walk in the rain and I thought I would just hold the umbrella over us, but he loved the umbrella and wanted to hold it himself :) 

CLIMBER!! He watched me step up onto the box of blocks to reach a picture and next thing ya know he climbed up too!!

 VIDEO: Practicing words with Kells. His favorite are bwa bwa, mama, dada and kiddeh! Sorry the end of the video gets boring because Daisy wouldn't come and play with us.

 Starting him early with the longboard.

 Lets go OUTSIDE!
 Kells noticed the view from our bridge for the first time.
 Tough Guy

 What could be more fun than a laundry basket?
 Helping in the garden

VIDEO: Kells crawiling in the garden

Fluffy hair!

VIDEO: naming animals :) anything to get out of a nap...

VIDEO: naming family - we didn't name everyone in this video - sometimes his attention span is longer and we can get everyone :)